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Why Us

Blue Ocean has a great network across Global Universities which enables us to provide the best services to aspiring students. While every institute self-praise of its own credentials, not every institute has Blue Ocean uniqueness of purpose, insistence on complete transparency and rich academic track record. Our core expertise has been fine-honed over the years, and here are a few main reasons why we are aspiring student’s first choice for global education.

• Works with over 400 Universities/colleges
• Knowledgeable and involved key senior counselor to ensure up-to-date information
• Team Blue Ocean, as all of us are focused on providing service beyond expectations
• Optimized batch sizes of only up to 25 students to ensure personal attention and quality education
• An extensive, easy-access library helping students access information of province/city specifics via magazines, maps & institution videos
• We publish our own exclusive course material for IELTS, GMAT, SPOKEN ENGLISH and INTERVIEW PREPRATIONS
• Vital infrastructure with facilities to take computer based tests
• Expert advice with living, travel and accommodation
• Student counselling for selection of country/university
• Documentation and filing