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Australia Student VISA Process

Australia Student VISA Process

Study in Australia

Study in Australia and choose from leading institutions in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and many more. It is an amazing country for international students who want to experience it's tertiary education system.

Australia is the third most popular study destination for international students. Home to the world’s eight most popular universities. Students studying in Australia can easily transfer credits and shift between study levels and institutions as per the guidelines mentioned by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Why choose Australia?

From architectural wonders such as the iconic Sydney Opera House to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has spectacular places which students can visit.

Australia attracts almost 300,000 international students to its major cities and towns. According to official reports, some of the most popular Australian cities among international students include (based on the cost of living, livability and university choice) Melbourne, Sydney and more.


Living in Australia

This informative page is an all-inclusive reference on how to live in Australia during your academic career. Your life in the country will be highly peaceful, where you’ll have the advantages of high standards of living, most of the places are close to beaches and cities have robust infrastructure.

Share and Rental Accommodation

Here 5-7 students share one apartment (Share) or house (Rental) together – a common space with individual bedrooms, lobby and kitchen. This is a great option for students looking to make friends, do bonding with the foreign student groups, dividing tasks such as laundry and cooking, and learning the best of respective cultures – all this and yet having your own privacy for learning, exploring and living. The average costs of Share Accommodation can usually range from AU $140-180 per week and Rental Accommodation can usually range from AU $75-200 per week.

Homestay / Farmstay

Quite a few OZ families live in spacious homes / farms and rent out spare rooms to international students. This has a lot of benefits of its own, the major one being that the student lives in a house environment just like a family member. This is a great option for migrant students because it helps them quickly adapt to the new country’s environment. In a convenient scenario the student has an independent room and is also provided meals by the family. The price of Homestay / Farmstay can usually range from AU $175-250 per week including meals.

Private Hostels

Private Accommodations quite popular among students. Here you share common bathroom / kitchen with other students. Generally renting an entire home or apartment will be too costly for a single student, hence it is advised to find and explore groups of students who are renting by going through billboards in the Institution, looking on the Internet, or go through newspapers classifieds and sign boards indicating vacancy of rooms or houses. The rents can usually be in the range of AU $100-150 per week.

University Accommodation

Your college/University can help by giving you a list of rented accommodations inside or close to the Institution. This benefits students looking for accommodation before arrival and are quite popular since they offer all the basic amenities. It is advisable to book them months in advance before your arrival. You have the option of booking a Hall of Residence, Apartments or a Residential College.


A special endorsement that is added to a passport that governments issue to students who are enrolled at qualified educational institutions. Student visas are non-immigrant visas that do not require the holder to obtain citizenship. Any prospective student seeking higher education in another country must obtain a student visa for that country.

Australia Visa Requirements Checklist

  1. 1. Complete Visa Application Form
  2. 2. Valid Passport
  3. 3. Medical examination report
  4. 4. Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) from the Institution
  5. 5. Copies of Academic Mark sheets and Certificates
  6. 6. Passport Photograph
  7. 7. Visa fees that must be paid Online
  8. 8. IELTS score
  9. 9. Payment of one semester of course fees
  10. 10. Letter from a sponsor
  11. 11. Proof of Funds – Demonstrate that you have sufficient assets in your bank account to pay the tuition fees, living expenses and travelling cost without requiring employment.

Working in Australia

Having a student visa means you will be allowed to work in Australia. You can do work such as in restaurants, grocery stores, in your own University, etc. which will help you recover the cost of your course. A major benefit is that the minimum wage levels in few places are close to 20 dollars an hour.

During the course of your studies, you will get permission to work part-time up to 20 hours a week and any number of hours during vacations. In few cases your institute will offer a job placement service, so it is better to contact them and then collect a tax file number from the Australian Tax Office.

However, keep in mind that during your study visa application you need to give proof that you have sufficient amount of income to cover for your study costs, travel and living expenses.

University Spot Lights

Popular Universities

  1. 1. Macquarie University
  2. 2. RMIT University, Melbourne
  3. 3. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
  4. 4. University of South Australia, Adelaide
  5. 5. Deakin University, Melbourne
  6. 6. Griffith University

Test requirements

English is the official language of Australia. It is mandatory to be adept at English language and obtain the minimum IELTS score as required by Universities. Most of the courses require minimum IELTS band 6.5, few Universities will accept as low as band 6.0.

A major advantage of studying in Australia is that the courses are well thought of. The professors are approachable, the classes schedules are rigid yet manageable, and there are several field trips for all the students. Living in their cities like Melbourne, Sydney, etc. will give you chance to make lifelong friends and will get an unforgettable experience.

Studying cost in Australia

Tuition fees in Australian Universities

Australia offers the world’s best education and the standard costs of courses from an Australian university is Rs. 20 Lakhs a year, and can also vary from Rs. 10 Lakhs to Rs. 45 Lakhs depending on the University and program.

The best Universities can charge even more but the ROI is duly proportionate as well.

Living costs in Australia for students

Most undergraduate courses are 3-4 years in duration and postgraduate courses are 1-2 years long. With the fees you’ll also have to add your costs of travelling, books, local transportation and any miscellaneous expenses such as medical care. If you manage to get Scholarships then you’ll be able to bring down your costs to a certain level, depending on the University and the course.

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